[1987] Although widely regarded as inferior to the first entry, CREEPSHOW 2 is always a very entertaining watch for me. Granted, the animation in the wrap around is pretty dated, but fun nonetheless. One of the great treats is Tom Savini as "The Creep" in the prologue. It always brings a smile to my face to see him in the back of that mail truck doing his shtick. Once again written by Stephen King and adapted for the screen by George Romero, we get three separate tales of grue and giggles to feast our eyes upon. CHIEF WOOD'N HEAD, THE RAFT, and THE HITCH-HIKER all bring something fun, unique, and gross to the table and together with the first, make for a great one-two Halloween punch. It will come as no surprise though that the whole series took a nose dive after this entry. 

Overall, I'd have to say that this one runs a VERY close second to the original. Although the cheese factor in the wrap around is certainly kicked up a notch; the imagery and effects on display really do it for me. My favorite segment has been, and always will be, THE RAFT for it's sheer "ickiness." However, both CHIEF WOOD'N HEAD and THE HITCH-HIKER do what it is they set out to do just fine. With George Kennedy (as always) turning in a wonderfully nuanced performance and a great score to boot; other than one or two more segments, you couldn't ask for much more. It might not be a film you can sit down with on a yearly basis, but when the mood's right, this one REALLY delivers. [7/10]

Michael Gornick
George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Domenick John