[1984] New York City circa 1984 was a pretty scuzzy place. Looked sticky, smelled sticky, tasted that way too. Perhaps that's why one of my favorite types of films are the ones that take place IN the streets of 1980's NYC. Add to that the possibility of someone (or something) just as, or even more dangerous than us, hiding in the shadows and that city can become an even more terrifying place. C.H.U.D. centers around a series of strange and brutal murders that may or may not be being committed by a group of C(annibalistic) H(umanoid), U(nderground), D(wellers). Leave it to a group of oddballs: a policeman, a journalist, and his girlfriend to ban together in an attempt to uncover, confront, and eliminate the homicidal mutants that lie in wait beneath the city. 

C.H.U.D. actually (and strangely enough) fits into a wide variety of horror sub-genres. It's a monster movie, a who-dunnit, a cannibal film, and in 2012: a very silly (yet entertaining) trip down memory lane. I remembered the creature design thrilling me many years ago and even though it's clearly "man in rubber suit" territory we're dealing with here, it's VERY cool. With their eyes glowing, body covered in slime, and clawed nails grabbing at anything with a pulse, what's not to love? The acting is fine with this one, but the real stars of the whole thing remain the C.H.U.D.'s and the locations, plain and simple. Whether you're in the sewer, a back alley strewn with trash, or riding shotgun with one of New York's "kinda sorta" finest; director Douglas Cheek does just enough to keep the grit gritty and the creepers creepy. [8/10]

Douglas Cheek
John Heard, Daniel Stern, Kim Greist