[1997] In the summer of 1997 theater going audiences were taken 50 years into the future by Paul WS Anderson. The year (obviously) is 2047 when a group of astronauts are sent into space to investigate a craft known as the EVENT HORIZON. Their mission is essentially to salvage anything on board and find out (if possible) what the hell happened to her. See: 7 years previously, on her maiden voyage, the ship simply disappeared without a trace. As it has now returned with no immediate signs of life on board, it's a bit of a mystery. However, unbeknownst to the incoming team aboard the LEWIS AND CLARK, and audiences at the time, the petrified vessel has a wide variety of gruesome secrets and plans for everyone involved. Absolute chaos ensues, along with some very gory deaths, and a few surprises along the way that gleefully turn this whole sci-fi flick dramatically upside down.

15 years ago we weren't saturated with information about films the way we are today. Details were sparse at best and every theatrical release didn't come with four or five different trailers. Maybe I was a bit ignorant, or at least misinformed, but when I saw EVENT HORIZON in the theaters upon it's release I was very much taken aback. The story (as concocted by Philip Eisner) is simple enough, but offers up enough of the unknown to keep you on edge. The relationships forged and broken during our "protagonist's" journey is enough of an anchor to pull the viewer squarely in. However, it's the violence and gore, the macabre sense of hopelessness, and the sinister turn by Sam Neill's Dr. William Weir that really catch you off guard upon first watch. It may all feel a bit harsh: like going from first to third gear (completely ignoring number two), but it makes for an engrossing and uneasy experience nonetheless. [8/10]

Paul WS Anderson
Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan