[1986] Let's get this out of the way right now: CRITTERS is not a good movie. However, when you're 12 and seeing it at the drive-in for the first time, it feels quite epic. The set up is straight 80's cheese. A gigantic fuzz ball arrives from outer space and deposits equally fuzzy creatures to chow down on the citizens of Earth. Followed by a group of intergalactic bounty hunters to the small Midwestern town they're now running amok in; all Hell inevitably breaks loose. As would be expected, it comes down to a small group of rebellious towns folk to band together, figure out what in the heck is going on, and defeat the fury, fanged menace that is running wild in their midst. Queue the cheese-tastic tag line: "They eat so fast, you don't have time to scream," and we're off and running. 

Watching CRITTERS for the first time since the a fore mentioned trip to the drive-in actually reminded me why I loved it (at the time) so much. Dee Wallace is fantastic and looks absolutely gorgeous. There's also a fair amount of blood along with some decent intentional (and unintentional) humor. One of my absolute favorite aspects of the whole experience is the first person (or creature) camera work employed. It's a blast to spend so much time seeing what the creatures see. The bounty hunters are brilliantly constructed and expressed and the practical creature effects are plain and simple: fun. So much fur, so many teeth, such a blast. It's certainly not going to win any awards, and probably won't be watched by me for at least another 20 years, but I'll be damned if I didn't thoroughly enjoy this trip down memory lane. [7/10]

Stephen Herek
Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush