On September 4, 2012 Sara Anne Jones was taken from this world far too soon.  At 24 years of age, she had more than just "her whole life ahead of her."  I never met Sara, I never spoke to her, Sara didn't even know I existed.  I doubt she ever read my review of her film TOAD ROAD, yet somehow, this death has shaken me.  A lot of it has to do with her VERY young age, the way I attached myself to her character in the a fore mentioned film, and the tragedy that is unrealized potential.  There's a decidedly slim amount of information regarding the "how."  I'm trying not to let my morbid curiosity get the better of me.  I don't really need to be (nor should I be) privy to any of the details surrounding her death.  That being said:  when the time comes, and TOAD ROAD is available for genre fans to view, I hope you'll all take the opportunity to watch and appreciate Sara's moment.  Incidentally, a moment in which she shined quite brightly. Who knows:  maybe (and I do hope so) Sara is now at peace and even more "alive" than before.  

I'll leave you now with two things:  a quietly apt poem Sara wrote and a very short, but considering the circumstances, powerful clip of her simply "being."  REST IN PEACE...

A sleepwalking pair of twilight kids
Their breath shimmering like halos
Bought the village with their
Crimson high last night.
Now, the avenue is split
Half soldiers-
Half demons
A lucky few still sleeping.
And I, striking matches with all the
fans pointed at me like cannonball fire
Care far too little
Which one I will become. 

~ Sara Anne Jones